Founded in 2008, the firm is headquartered in Geneva with a branch in Lausanne since 2010.

We are a Private Office providing a broad range of financial, legal, fiscal and administrative services.

We are a gatekeeper, advising, planning and supervising the creation and management of client’s wealth.

Depending on the mandate of clients, we are focusing on specific aspects or managing the global patrimonial situation.



Since 2010, we produced the following Ethics Policy to communicate to our present and future clients, as well as to our partners, the philosophy we ground our actions on and the goals we are striving to attain.

We strongly believe that in the relationship between clients, advisers and the firm itself, each entity has legitimate aspirations and reciprocal duties toward the others.

When a virtuous dynamic is set in motion, as each entity can attain its own goals only by supporting the others to attain theirs, then there is productive work, personal fulfillment and astonishing results.

 hotium team